Thursday, March 29, 2012


Last night I practised thumbnailing.
I think it is my first attempt to do so- I decided to go for black and white, but at the end I added some colour accents.
I turned off the transfer and used only the standard brushes ( with different settings) and one self made custom brush. Majority of them started as scribbles and I just waited till something emerge from the 'random' lines.

Here are two smaller ones:

Firstly..... a flower!
small Misc2 Flower

Then a bird:
small Misc1 Bird

Two environments:

small Env2 Battlefield

small Env2 Tree and mountains

And finally some characters:

small Chr1 Hunter

small Chr2 Bard

Witch Hunter
small Chr3 Witch Hunter

small Chr4 Sailor

small Chr5 Battle mage

And finally an assassin:
small Chr6 Assassin copy

I am quite happy with them, especially that they are just sketches and their creation process is really quick.
Moreover they introduce something fresh and new to my works.This 'style' just emerged from my random scribbles, although I am quite sure there are lots of people who already work in this style.

1 comment:

  1. These are nice! Those spaces and people. I think you are making better and better constructions. Human - is always a problem. But some of them are good. Maybe try to treat human as you different constructions. Not some many details, maybe?
    Nice style, you are good in it.