Thursday, March 29, 2012


Last night I practised thumbnailing.
I think it is my first attempt to do so- I decided to go for black and white, but at the end I added some colour accents.
I turned off the transfer and used only the standard brushes ( with different settings) and one self made custom brush. Majority of them started as scribbles and I just waited till something emerge from the 'random' lines.

Here are two smaller ones:

Firstly..... a flower!
small Misc2 Flower

Then a bird:
small Misc1 Bird

Two environments:

small Env2 Battlefield

small Env2 Tree and mountains

And finally some characters:

small Chr1 Hunter

small Chr2 Bard

Witch Hunter
small Chr3 Witch Hunter

small Chr4 Sailor

small Chr5 Battle mage

And finally an assassin:
small Chr6 Assassin copy

I am quite happy with them, especially that they are just sketches and their creation process is really quick.
Moreover they introduce something fresh and new to my works.This 'style' just emerged from my random scribbles, although I am quite sure there are lots of people who already work in this style.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Environment Concept1

Here is another concept image. This digital painting show my concept of a town localised by an underground lake.

Here is a link to full- size image: Underground Laketown

This is a small scale version:
E3 Cave town small

And some WIP's:
E3 Cave town small WIPs

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Camera Obscure

This project was called 'Camera Obscura' - as its aim was to design a refurbished gallery for old photos showing history of Manchester. Moreover, as a second task we had to design digital museum presenting possible parallel futures for Manchester.

Here are two sheets (A1 originally) that I presented on the final crit:


I was mainly interested in sense of place, hierarchy and relations between buildings and this inspired my design. I was playing with different concepts that incorporate hierarchy but I decided to go on with Fibonacci's sequence.
L.Krier and J. LaGro were probably most influential writters that influenced my approach to design.

Here are some close ups of the drawings:

Promarkers and felt-tip pens:




And two versions of digital painting over 3d model:
I decided to chose the second one:

digital painting1

digital painting2

This project is not finished yet, so there will be some more updates about it.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

InSeed Pavillion Work

This is an older one from October 2011. Group work in its essence. And first first project in my life we actually built (in Dunham Massey's Winter Garden). It was called InSeed and I worked mainly on detailing of joints, visualising it and building.

This is how it looked like:
small1 small2
Two colour schemes, I preferred the colder hues, but group decided to go for the warmer ones so it was further developed. I believe that the blurred treetops and lighter colour of the intervention worked quite well here, compared to earlier version.

Then on- this is a grasshopper model from my own code, I used for visuals. This one is exploded to show all the parts used:
full exploaded

Two more visuals created when the project was chosen to be built but the location was changed:
smallvis4 copy


Here are hand drawings: (felt-tip pens and promarkers)






I particularly like 4th and 5th, because of the perspective.

And finally, photo of pavilion with the building team :)


Friday, March 16, 2012

Another 2 Portaits

I am still working on developing portraits, here are probably two best of them from this week:

First one:

and second:

To be honest I am quite happy with the second one, although it still does not present likeness very well.

Tower of Ice and Light

Here is a quick watercolour concept sketch of a snowy landscape with tower and some ruins...

Thumbnails and palette experiments:


and the outcome :


Life drawing 15/03/12

Few drawings from this week. Comparing them with my output from last life drawing is a bit painful for my, as they seem to be worst. I need to get back to drawing:
1minute gesture:

Pose 1 (10 min) :


Pose 2 (20 min) :


Pose 3 (30 min)


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Concept Image

This week's work was mainly focued on developing arrangements and planning. But before it came to that I created some sketches and a concept image:

This is a quick sketch that helped me work out the concept of my proposal:

And this is a digital painting over 3d model to show my initial conept:
For illustrator

Friday, March 2, 2012

Technology Week

This week's work was quite intense... All I did was analysing structure and environmental performance of "Cesar Chavez Library in Arizona"- a beautiful piece of art by Line and Space Architects from USA. There are no diagrams put together yet- but here are some of the graphics I produced so far:

Just quick concept sketches overlayed on the top of 3d model with different textures:
2d graphics building

Same here:
2d graphics building

And detailed model of envelope done with 2 girls from my group:
Overal view:
IMG_9971 photoshoped2

Wall composition
IMG_9972 photoshoped 1
Roof composition
IMG_9974 photoshoped 4

And 2 graphics taken from 3d model of structure:
Entire structure
2d structure
And close-up:
2d structure zoom

Majority of time was spend on analysing avaliable documents and drawings received from architects, creation of models and graphics was just a tiny bit really.