Sunday, September 23, 2012

Noldorin Scout

Here is my most recent piece. I have decided to try to make an illustration for Tolkien's Silmarillion. It was supposed only to stimulate the imagination without revealing the plot.

 That's an illustration of an elven Noldorin scout in Ered Lómin: Elven scout in Ered Lomin

And a close up:

Elven scout close up

Finally, I attach two links:
Bigger scale image


Black and white drawing, based on the film. Link to a bigger version here: Aragorn.

Some sketches

Finally an update after the holidays:

Firstly, two quick concepts based on the same old sketch. Experimenting with integration of lasso and transform tool into the drawing process:

Environment Concept Sketch1 

nvironment Concept Sketch2 
And some black & white sketches:

Bat sketch
A bat

High Elf Sketch
High Elf sketch 1

High Elf Sketch 
High Elf sketch 2 ( based on one of the drawings from HE army book)