Friday, February 24, 2012

Concept Montages

I decided to upload some stuff from last weeks I forgot about: concept montages showing my emotional response to site of my project- I used 3d model and bunch of photographs and artworks:

Big scale site:
1model imediate montage

Site1 (Memorial Hall interiors):

2model imediate montage

And second site (Peace Garden):
3 model imediate montage 
They all are quite quick collages, I do not think any of them took more than 10 minutes to make.

Heads Sketches

I devoted majority of last week to develop my architectural projects, but I found a bit of time to get on with some sketches- I decided to focus on faces. To be honest I draw quite a lot of them majoriy quite small, but I would like to upload here one quick one and one longer:

This was a 15 minutes sketch from reference using

And this took about 40 minutes- I quite like it, although the similarity is not there yet.

Lips are probably the most difficult facial feature for me probably and this is another thing I need to develope.

Dragon Helmet

Here is a quick concept thumbnail I made on one of the lectures....
Nothing great, but I quite like the helmet, hence I decided to develop it a bit,
And create this (originally A3) when I was waiting for one of the architectural models to render.
It probably took me about 25 minutes with few breaks to check how the rendering is going

Friday, February 17, 2012

Another Few sketches

Here are some of the drawings I made this week. Half of them from imagination, last two drawn on life drawing session.
I really like the simplicity of the first one and although it is probably my first drawing in this style I decided to post it on my development screen. Originally the image was framed by a decorativepattern, but since it was not very accurate I croped it
The rest is quite standard and probably do not require any further description.

Tolkien-inspired White Tower Sketch:

Sketches008b small 

Some more architecture in this section :
Sketches001b small

Life drawing1:
Sketches002b small

Life drawing2:
Sketches005b small
As usually, faces are not very good...

Few sketches

Here are some sketches from last week:

Firstly, some quick drawings of roof and building tops surrounding Albert Square (Manchester):

Sketches007 small

And something from John Rylands library, I reckon that the whole page took me about 30 minutes:
I erased all of my notes, just drawings:

Sketches006b small

Monday, February 13, 2012

Concept Sketches from last term

 Some sketches and paintings from last term.= in chronological order:

C1 knight


F3- face


C5 paladin small

This is my first colour image I suppose....

Dragon Head:


White Water

Images from last term project- designing a canoeing centre
To make the long story short I upload 3 most important images.
Quick concept sketch for the project.
Colors illustration reduced size reduced more
Project was all about journey, for that reason I was interested mainly in how people would see the building approaching from different directions.

Concept model
And finally my presentation sheet from review.