Friday, May 18, 2012

Design Studio4 (Year2) Portfolio

Here is the link to lower-resolution preview of my portfolio from this term, feel free to have a look at it, any feedback is more than appreciated:


And few selected pages down here:








Half the world away

This is a quick preview of a short project. The aim was to design disaster-relief  shelter for Indonesia which would fit in 1m3 cube.
After site analysis, group decided to focus on floods and landslides caused by monsoon rains, as they happen annually and cause a lot of damages, but they are often overlooked by international aid organisations, as they donate majority of money to fight with earthquakes and tsunamis.

We decided to focus on design for small separated villages. Social aspects were the most important factors driving the design decisions- aim was to help society to rebuild and attain a proper sense of place and local pride.


This was a concept montage showing the scheme- where boxes were delivered by helicopters. Parachute and boxes sides would be used to for the shelters too.
concept visual architecture

Designed shelters are easy to build so that local people could participate in erecting them. They can be easily connect together to expand the accommodation volume.

Entire shelter would evolve as time goes by to create better living environment:
1st Phase:
indonesia viusalisation1

2nd Phase:
indonesia viusalisation2

And in 3rd phase, which is already a permanent one, people would adjust the shelter structure to their needs, examples:

promarkers for architects1

promarkers for architects2

promarkers for architects3

promarkers for architects4

Friday, May 4, 2012

Concept sketches

And some fantasy sketches:

Firstly four experimental drawings:





One black and white sketch:
thumbnail again

And here is a quick ranger sketch, which then resulted in more careful head design of a Dúnadan:


And the head:

Trip Sketches

I've got quite a busy time in Uni right now, so it was quite difficult to upload anything, but here are some sketches from my trip to Italy:

Here are some rough sketches drawn in car:

And two really quick from Milano:
smallWorld 226

And two from Alps:

smallWorld 228

smallWorld 229