Friday, March 2, 2012

Technology Week

This week's work was quite intense... All I did was analysing structure and environmental performance of "Cesar Chavez Library in Arizona"- a beautiful piece of art by Line and Space Architects from USA. There are no diagrams put together yet- but here are some of the graphics I produced so far:

Just quick concept sketches overlayed on the top of 3d model with different textures:
2d graphics building

Same here:
2d graphics building

And detailed model of envelope done with 2 girls from my group:
Overal view:
IMG_9971 photoshoped2

Wall composition
IMG_9972 photoshoped 1
Roof composition
IMG_9974 photoshoped 4

And 2 graphics taken from 3d model of structure:
Entire structure
2d structure
And close-up:
2d structure zoom

Majority of time was spend on analysing avaliable documents and drawings received from architects, creation of models and graphics was just a tiny bit really.

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