Thursday, March 22, 2012

Camera Obscure

This project was called 'Camera Obscura' - as its aim was to design a refurbished gallery for old photos showing history of Manchester. Moreover, as a second task we had to design digital museum presenting possible parallel futures for Manchester.

Here are two sheets (A1 originally) that I presented on the final crit:


I was mainly interested in sense of place, hierarchy and relations between buildings and this inspired my design. I was playing with different concepts that incorporate hierarchy but I decided to go on with Fibonacci's sequence.
L.Krier and J. LaGro were probably most influential writters that influenced my approach to design.

Here are some close ups of the drawings:

Promarkers and felt-tip pens:




And two versions of digital painting over 3d model:
I decided to chose the second one:

digital painting1

digital painting2

This project is not finished yet, so there will be some more updates about it.

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