Wednesday, March 21, 2012

InSeed Pavillion Work

This is an older one from October 2011. Group work in its essence. And first first project in my life we actually built (in Dunham Massey's Winter Garden). It was called InSeed and I worked mainly on detailing of joints, visualising it and building.

This is how it looked like:
small1 small2
Two colour schemes, I preferred the colder hues, but group decided to go for the warmer ones so it was further developed. I believe that the blurred treetops and lighter colour of the intervention worked quite well here, compared to earlier version.

Then on- this is a grasshopper model from my own code, I used for visuals. This one is exploded to show all the parts used:
full exploaded

Two more visuals created when the project was chosen to be built but the location was changed:
smallvis4 copy


Here are hand drawings: (felt-tip pens and promarkers)






I particularly like 4th and 5th, because of the perspective.

And finally, photo of pavilion with the building team :)


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