Monday, July 30, 2012

Recent sketches + Update

Some recent sketches from last week:

abstract environment sketches

Some experimental, abstract sketches aiming to explore character of spaces.

concpet sketches

Quick - warm-up sketches.

Environments concept sketches

And finally a set of environment concept sketches(tra-digital).
With a link to bigger version : here.


Some more sketches, basing on same working methodology :
All of them tra-digitals:

floating towers sketch

Space magic guild head-quarters sketchy concepts.

Space ship sketch concept

Mobile space station

Arctic ship sketch concept

Mobile arctic station

sketches air ships

and a WIP image for two speed-paintings above:


  1. Wow, great sketches(all b&w, colourful, monochrome and atmospheric)! Could you post them separately next time so that they can be commented separately?

  2. I like your drawings Maciek, but you have to practise more on building spaces without so many lines. It isn't even about reality of those images, but you have make yourself wide range of tools.
    I like those white-black sketches on the top, but if you're putting them together they are not varied enough. Still they are nice.
    I'm happy about your abstract images with spaces - they're cool! Especially those in left column.
    And the rest is not so fine. You are using the same method to build space and the same to build castle/spaceship/whatever. On every picture there is too big difference between them, they have joint, but too little? Comparing them to those colourful on the top. You can try putting details out of the rest, so that they'll appear delicately. And in the end add this concentration.
    Those update images are nice, I thing that you are better when you draw in colour.
    Remember that everything, every element of the image is NOT the same. It can be, but you have to practise drawing (mainly buildings, characters) differently.
    I like your backgrounds also.
    You've good predispositions! Good luck! :)

  3. No problem. I saw your earlier works - and you are in a progress.
    That's important.
    There is huge different between you first works, and those which you present now. I'm glad.
    Keep it moving!